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What if you got arrested in Japan?

Hey it’s not a pleasant thing to write but someone has to do it. What if someone you know or you got arrested by the police in Japan? Here are some things you will need to expect if you’re arrested.

First off, if you did something that got your arrested, you deserve it, no? But i am sure there are some cases where mistakes do happen. Do know that you will have 1 phone call you can make to the outside world. While it may not get your out of jail instantly, it will do you good if you call someone who can speed up the process (if your offense is a minor one, i.e. not paying your traffic tickets for YEARS). Do understand that in Japan, it’s unlike the US where you are innocent until proven guilty. Most likely they will haul you in first before proving you innocent. So beware.

In Japan, the police is allowed to detain you for up to 72 hours in which case, if need be, they can extend it to 20 days from the approval of a judge in the court of law. Ouch. Let me just say that jail food ain’t so good.

If you require more detailed information about legal rights and legal counsel, go to KUYAKUSHO or the local ward office for free and thorough information. If you don’t speak good Japanese, it’d be useful to haul a few Japanese friends with you.

Or if you have question you can check out Gaijinpot’s Legal Forum for more info.

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One Response to “What if you got arrested in Japan?”

  1. heretic Says: had an article about prison

    5 parts (i think), its a good read!

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