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Child Access Protest

Japan does not recognize joint-custody?

It’s disturbing that Japanese people who are married to foreigners can actually hijack their kids away from their foreigner partners and GET away with it.

I don’t see the poor child has to suffer the loss of a parents just because the adults can’t keep their act together. Sigh, some sort of policies should be endorsed to protect foreigners who are married to Japanese citizens, at least acknowledge some rights in the procreation of the child. A baby is not born with just the egg or the sperm.

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2 Responses to “Child Access Protest”

  1. Ryan Borger Says:

    Thank you for linking to my youtube video. My 3 children are currently in Japan with their mother. I have not seen them since December 30th 2007. I just spoke to my oldest daughter for about 30 seconds yesterday for the first time since I last saw them. She is already forgetting english, and my wife has died my kids brownish hair black so they fit in better. PLEASE spread the word about this issue to everyone you know.

  2. The Expedited Writer Says:

    And I wish you all the best with your ordeal. I hope you get to be reunited with your kids soon.

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