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Robotic maids

A Japanese university developed a robot that helps with household chores. We are edging closer and closer to the fact that foreign maids and its business is going to the dogs soon once this becomes mass produced.

A new robot developed by the University of Tokyo and Toyota Motor Corp., able to collect the washing and move furniture for cleaning, is being touted as the first step towards a robotic domestic helper.

Robots have traditionally been bad at handling anything other than solid objects, but the robot named, “AR,” is able to recognize clothes by their creases and actually pick them up, repeating the action should it drop them.

During its introduction to the media on Friday, AR carried a cup and saucer on a tray from a table to the kitchen; collected washing and put it in the washing machine, and swept the floor, moving furniture where necessary.

However, AR’s movements were slow and often clumsy, and University of Tokyo Professor Masayuki Inaba said more work is needed: “The task now is to improve its efficiency and endurance.”

I am sure they can fix the klutzy robots in due time.


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